Graduation Project

Students who entered the ninth grade at Camden County High School on or after the 2007-2008 school year will be required to complete a Graduation Project in order to graduate.  This project will be a culmination of the student’s work throughout their four years in high school.  The requirement of a graduation project began with a state mandate that every school will have this as a requirement for graduation.  Camden County High School students will receive a Pass/Fail grade for each part of the project.  Students must receive a Pass grade on each part to fulfill the total grade.  Students may demonstrate any component during any of their years of high school, provided all criteria for that component has been met.

Students who are in any Advanced Studies course in any Career-Technical Education field will follow the North Carolina Advanced Studies Implementation Guide.  The mission of Career–Technical Education is to help empower students for effective participation in a global economy as world-class workers and citizens.  The Advanced Studies Implementation Guide is very similar in format to the CCHS Graduation Project described below with the same components and similar rubrics.  For more information, contact your CTE teacher, Internship Coordinator or CTE Director.  (See Advanced Studies Implementation Guide).

Four Components:

  • Research paper written on an approved topic
  • Product reflecting to the research paper
  • Portfolio that reflects the Graduate Profile
  • Presentation to a panel of community and faculty members