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Welcome to Camden County Schools

The Camden County Schools have much to celebrate.  The students and staff accepted the challenge of the new state curriculum and assessments and performed well when compared to districts across the state.   As in previous years, academic excellence was illustrated at each school with each of our schools meeting or exceeding growth goals set by the state.

This year again finds our schools with numerous opportunities.  The most noticeable will be in the area of 3rd grade reading.  State law now mandates that students must prove they are proficient in reading before being promoted to grade 4 and the staff at Grandy Primary School is working hard to prepare our students for this challenge.  In addition, students at all other grades will be asked to perform on state exams at a higher level than ever before.  Gone are the days of matching and fill-in-the-blank worksheets.  Instead, our students are working with technology and higher level thinking skills that will prepare them for their futures.  Instruction may look different than what we grew up with, but is necessary to better prepare our students to become productive citizens in this changing global society.

Camden County Schools continue to add computer and technological resources throughout the district to prepare our students for every opportunity.  Our goal is to be the school district of choice with the ultimate vision of becoming a model of excellence in education.  We have great students, great teachers, great leaders and great community support, all of which are key elements to successful schools.

I encourage each of you to remain close to your child’s education and seek ways to assist our schools.  The district can always use volunteers who are committed to working in our schools on a consistent basis.

This year will be a challenging one with many unknowns for our staff, however, I have noticed our staff and this community does not accept defeat and is willing to rally for a cause.  I feel very confident Camden will accept the challenge and continue to be the school district others want to emulate.

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