Principal of the Year

  • SONY DSC Billie Berry
  • SONY DSC Billie Berry
  • BARRY BILLIE Billie Berry

Congratulations to Mr. Billie Berry, Principal of Camden County High School.  Mr. Berry has been recognized as the Principal of the Year for the Camden County Schools and as the Northeast Principal of the Year for 2014.

Mr. Berry is a most creative and energetic school leader and has done a great deal to improve Camden County High School.  He has added a computer lab, guided a building project that rejuvenated the media center and has assisted in the coordination of renovating the athletic field house.  In addition, the US Coast Guard Junior Leadership Program was brought to the High School at the same time Mr. Berry began as Principal.  He has worked closely with that program to increase the level of commitment and pride throughout the school and community.  Mr. Berry has worked with his staff to incorporate ACT Prep sessions into the schedule and has strategically increased the focus on the use of technology in the classroom by leading or coordinating numerous staff development sessions for his teachers.

Mr. Berry has been the instructional leader in the school since his arrival.  During the changes to the Common Core/Essential Standards, Mr. Berry has been at the forefront working with his teachers on their pacing guides, assessments and even daily lesson planning.  He values his teachers and is willing to work with them to ensure they are providing the best possible instruction to the students on a daily basis.  When walking the halls of the school, the level of questioning and degree of student attention is impressive.  Mr. Berry has even added a technology course this year to better prepare his students for their place in the future economic market.