Principal of the Year

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Congratulations to Mr. Timothy Lazar, Principal of Grandy Primary School.  Mr. Lazar has been recognized as the Principal of the Year for Camden County Schools for the 2014-15 School Year.

Mr. Lazar is a master motivator and organizer.  He works closely with his PTO to prepare for the annual Fall Festival.  This is a festival organized through the school and PTO, but is attended by practically the entire community.  Each year, Grandy’s PTO raises over $13,000 for various technology and supply needs.  In recent years, Mr. Lazar has reached out to our nearest Sam’s Club, which is in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Through this, Sam’s Club awarded ten of his teachers with gift cards of $100.00 each.   This type of effort has helped generate a very positive atmosphere and climate throughout the school.  Additionally, Mr. Lazar used his community involvement partnerships to assist each building in the Camden County Schools to receive furniture and equipment from recently foreclosed banks.

Mr. Lazar places a great emphasis on reading.  As the curriculum and assessments changed in recent years, Mr. Lazar worked closely with his staff to prepare to meet the challenges of the Read to Achieve Legislation.  Through careful planning sessions in the summer along with ongoing use of student and teacher data, the school excelled with scores higher than that set as acceptable by the state.