Here Comes the Bus

Dear Parents and Caregivers,


Camden County Schools is happy to announce the continuation of the innovative new website and mobile device app entitled, Here Comes the Bus®.

Here Comes the Bus allows you to view the real-time location of your child’s school bus on your smartphone, tablet or computer. With it, you will have the information you need to send your children to the bus stop at just the right time, helping to protect them from inclement weather. What’s more, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your children haven’t missed the bus.

Here Comes the Bus enables you to:

  • See the location of your child’s bus both before and after school
  • Confirm that your child’s bus has arrived at the bus stop, at school or both
  • Receive a push notification* or email message when the bus is a certain distance from your stop, and more

Here Comes the Bus was developed by Synovia Solutions™, makers of the GPS-tracking technology used by the Camden County Schools to increase safety and cost savings as it relates to our school bus fleet.

Parents and caregivers can use the website that allows them to view the bus coming into the area around their residence, or they can use the app that will notify them in advance of the arrival of the school bus.

It is important to understand this is a tool, but students should be ready at the time the school bus normally arrives. All regular route buses in the Camden County Schools are equipped with GPS Technology, but many of the spare buses put in service when regular route buses are being repaired do not have this technology. Parents who sign up for Here Comes The Bus will be able to be notified by email if a spare bus is being used and if the bus is running late due to mechanical issues or other issues that are encountered by the transportation staff.

I encourage parents to look at the capabilities available for the utilization of the website-only information, and then decide if they wish to download the App on to their mobile device. If you have any questions regarding this tool, please visit the “Here Comes The Bus” Website and use the help desk they provide.

To learn more about Here Comes the Bus,



School Code is 76075