Teacher of the Year

  • IMG_2940
  • IMG-1472 2022-2023 Teachers of the Year
  • IMG-1446 GPS- Michelle Peede
  • IMG-1457 GPS- Michelle Peede
  • IMG-1448 CIS- Kathryn Wooodward
  • IMG-1462 CIS- Kathryn Wooodward
  • IMG-1450 CMS- Devon Morrison
  • IMG-1460 CMS- Devon Morrison
  • IMG-1455 CECHS- April Jackson
  • IMG-1458 CECHS- April Jackson
  • IMG-1452 CCHS- Master Chief Dupree
  • IMG-1461 CCHS- Master Chief Dupree
  • IMG-1466 CCS TOY- Master Chief Dupree

Congratulations to our 2022-2023 Camden

County Teacher of the Year, Master Chief Dupree, Camden County High School Teacher!!!

Congratulations again to all of our 2022-2023 Teachers of the Year!!!! #bruinpride


GPS- Michelle Peede

CIS- Kathryn Wooodward

CMS- Devon Morrison

CCHS- Master Chief Dupree

CECHS- April Jackson