Chief Student Services Officer

Ina D. Lane
Chief Student Services Officer
Ext. 105

Chief Student Services Officer Duties

NC Arts Council
Daycare (After School and Summer)
Ministers’ Advisory Council
Nurses/School Health Services
Safe Healthy Active Students (SHAC)
Student Insurance
Rep for Albemarle Overdose Prevention
MOA and Camden Museum Liaison
Bullying Reporting (online)
At-Risk Student Programs
Abstinence/Comprehensive Sex Education
504 Coordinator
Title IX Coordinator
School Counselors
Safe Schools Plan
Home Bound Services

(Reg Ed)

Random Drug Testing
Pride in NC
Crisis Team
Mental Health
Homeless (McKinney Vento)
Student Transfers
Long Term Suspension Hearing (Hearing Officer)
Parent Calls as related to

Student Services

Drivers’ Education
Driver’s License Suspension (shared with Data Management)
Groundhog Shadow Day
Children of Character Student Awards at CMS, CECHS and CCHS
Scholarships (completed by CECHS/CCHS guidance counselor)
School Year Calendars