Grandy Primary Report Card Letter

Grandy Primary School

At Grandy Primary our students will develop a love for learning, build a solid academic foundation and prepare for their future.

Being part of the staff at Grandy Primary School is an honor and privilege.  We have amazing kids, an outstanding staff, and a supportive community.  It has taken the desire, dedication, and determination of all of us to ensure that our students are prepared to face any challenges, assessments and adversities in and out of the classroom.

Over the last few years, adjustments have been made in how we present information to our classes, and how we evaluate our students.  State expectations continue to rise and grade level benchmarks are harder to achieve.  It is with great pride that I say that the staff has accepted the challenges and have gone above and beyond to ensure all our student rise to the occasion.

The amount of effort and planning that went towards meeting the individual needs of last year’s third grade students was impressive.  Students from all levels showed growth and our school continues to be above the state average.  There is no letter grade or proficiency level high enough to give the students, teachers, and parents for their dedication to education.  Their great efforts continue to be the reason why Grandy Primary is a successful school and why Camden County is a wonderful community.


Timothy T. Lazar
Grandy Primary School
Camden County, North Carolina